A Bad Week for Weed, But Its Resolve Remains Strong

Weed before and Weed after

You may recall from this blog Weed, a living entity that – against all odds and under inopportune conditions – established itself quite well at our house and has thrived.

Well, last week, while Weed was minding its own business, enjoying its life and its weedy friends and relatives and the nurturing sun and rain, its mortal enemy – Wacker and Wacker’s evil partner, Landscaper – came by and dealt Weed a most unexpected blow.

Out of nowhere this came. One day, Weed was reaching for the sky. The next, through no fault of its own, it was cut down to size.

But here’s the thing: Did Weed wither, give up, call it a day? No, it did not. It took this setback in stride and rocked on. Shaken and stirred, Weed nevertheless tapped its tenacity and persistence and resolve.

Onward it goes, making adjustments along the way. Onward it goes.

About 10 days ago, we had an oncology consultation and it went quite well, all things considered. They’re satisfied with the numbers, for now, and – as expected – switched me from the frankly painful monthly Firmagon shots to the much-less intrusive four-month Eligard shots that we remember from Prostate Cancer, Scene 1 about three years ago.

The nightly doses of nasty Erleada will continue, which triggered a brief moment of unanticipated hope that quickly disappeared. At one point, I asked the doc, “So, I’ll be on this stuff the rest of my life, right? His response, “No.”

Whoa. You mean we might get to the point where no medication is required? That was the moment of hope. It lasted mere nanoseconds. It turns out he was interpreting the question to apply to Eligard and Erleada, while we meant it to apply to any and all cancer treatments.

“You’ll stay on this until it stops working,” he said. “Then, we’ll move you to something else.”

Oh. Not a real surprise. That’s what we understood in the first place.

On a related note, he said that I’m immunocompromised and should get the third COVID shot as soon as it becomes available (remember, this was 10 days go, just before third shots were authorized for folks like me).

I think I’m a borderline case, but who am I to argue with this guy? I received my third shot of Moderna yesterday at Publix. No questions asked, though there was a form on which, among other things, I had to confirm I had reason to believe my immune system was compromised.

It went well. A bit of injection site discomfort and muscle stiffness this morning, some chills overnight. That’s it.

For the record, it’s no longer an issue of conserving COVID vaccine for those most in need. They have tons of it. Everyone has tons of it. Appointments, walkups, whatever. No problem.

When your time comes – at least 28 days after shot two for those with compromised immune systems, about eight months after shot two for everyone else – do it.

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