“Feels good and enjoying life”

Once again, I deferred posting here, pending the new round of lab tests. Now, those tests have been run, and our oncology expert concurs that the malignancies almost certainly remain leashed for now. I and those I love shall continue gratefully to move down life’s highway.

In the wake of our patient-physician visit this past Wednesday, here is Dr. Scott Sellinger’s entire post-visit report, the shortest and sweetest to date:

History of Present Illness:

“He returns for follow­up in the advanced prostate cancer clinic.

Overall, doing exceptionally well. PSA is down to 0.2 in May 2022.

Testosterone is essentially undetectable.

 Tolerating ERLEADA 240 mg  daily quite well for the past year. No bothersome voiding complaints.

 Last 4 month Eligard given on May 4, 2022. He is due for his Prolia at

 the end of this month. Urine today is clear. No bone pain or weight

loss. Feels good and enjoying life.”

That’s all pretty accurate. I do feel good, all things considered, except for intensifying fatigue, loss of stamina and discomfort south of the border. And the weight loss has been stemmed for now, thanks mostly to Marion, who keeps tempting me with meals and morsels that I don’t really hunger for but pose a sort-of mental attraction. Often, this involves slices of Fresh Market’s brownie cheesecake, a photo and description of which I am not going to post because I don’t need you buying it out from under me. 🙂

More about this in another post coming soon, but everyone in a predicament such as mine should have a partner and caregiver like Marion. I am more appreciative and thankful than I can express.

Regarding the enjoyment of life, I will allow these photos from last Sunday’s backyard Mothers Day celebration to speak for themselves:

Granddaughter Sophie, Marion, grandson Solly

And that’s the news, such as it is, from Prostate Cancer Central. We wish all of you a healthy and safe summer.

13 thoughts on ““Feels good and enjoying life”

  1. Marty,  So wonderful!  I am so happy for you and your family.  My husband and I continue our battle with this monster.  God bless you all…..Gloria

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  2. Thank you for sending this, Marty. We continue to pray for more reports just like this one.
    Celebrating each day with you,
    Colin, Laura and Graham

    Please excuse the typos, sent from the iPhone of Colin Hackley.

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  3. Marty, that is such great news!! I think highly of Dr S and coming from him that’s even better news. You’re my cancer warrior; a fighter and a hero when confronted by evil. Also, love what you’ve done with the pool. Thanks for sharing.

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