4 thoughts on “The piece for the Prostate Cancer Foundation: “There’s Still A Lot We Can Do”

  1. With you and your wonderful family in spirit, Marty. Thanks for sharing so much information to help others. The emotional advice (for lack of a better word) is as invaluable as the medical information … and the reminders to keep after our guys to get those exams.) Thinking of you and Marian — and smiling — every step of those 100 miles.

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  2. Hi Marty..My husband just got this diagnosis Feb 1, on his birthday, of all days. He turned 73. His cancer has also spread to his lymphatic system as demonstrated by the same scans you received. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really needed to read this, especially today, as I feel so overwhelmed with all the news, handouts, doctor visits, and supporting him. It is so hard for spouses too! Many of the things you mentioned I found so close to my heart as we are going through it right now. I feel like I am in mourning and have realized that I am mourning our past lives. We, too, have grandchildren who live far away from us. We had plans to visit them and those had to be cancelled. I also feel the ANGER and am doing my best to cope. I feel robbed and I feel alone. I marvel at my husband’s bravery as he is doing everything he is asked to do and is fighting hard. I am wondering what strategies your wife can share with me to help me feel less desperate and sad. My prayers to both of you!

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