Good morning. We did it.

From my Facebook page:

Good morning. We did it.

Nearly 100 of you – friends and family all – contributed to this fundraiser or otherwise expressed support. You made a commitment to us. We made a commitment to you. Now, on this severe-weather last day of March and after schedule conflicts, previous severe weather complications and, for me, occasional stamina challenges, here is our report:

– Marty 102.81 miles.

– Marion, always the overachiever, 103.11 miles.

My love, my wife, my greatest supporter and the best person I know.

Once again, we are humbled by your support and we thank you for it. Now, if it’s all the same to you, we’re going back to sleep. 🥱😴🥴

8 thoughts on “Good morning. We did it.

  1. It’s amazing how we are so much alike. I’m 70 years old and if I were to write my story which includes my wife, oncologist, all the doctors at treatment, my family; it would be like a mirror image of you. Thank you so much for your story, I am not alone. God bless you and your family. And for years to come, bless our wives.

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